10 Tips For a Fuss Free Festival.

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So, it's Festival time and after 2 years of enforced lockdown thanks to Covid, they can't come around fast enough. Can you even remember your last festival?? Here at FreshWipes, we've put together the ultimate guide to surviving festival season, feel free to add your own tips in the comments below...

  1. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.   Check out the weather in advance online, print out a festival map (it will save you draining your phone battery each day) and plan your outfits for the whole trip.  Wrap these up in separate large sandwich bags so that you don't have to keep rifling through your rucksack each day.  Plus the waterproof bags will come in handy to take home dirty items.  Bring wellies/walking boots too, you WILL need them

  2. Bring Loo-Roll.  By 2pm on day two, it will all have run out and people will resort to anything to get clean.  You'll spot the people wearing only one sock and be glad that you brought your own.

  3. Breakfast items/snacks & water.  Hot cross buns, cereal bars, croissants -  anything that doesn't need cooking.  Bring a few bottles of water too. Great for breakfast and great for emergencies in case you lose your money.  If you're the sort that's happy to pay £10 for a breakfast burger, likes queuing and you never get thirsty you can ignore this one.

  4. Got an old phone?  Great, bring this and leave your latest iPhone at home.  Don't forget a power/pack or spare battery if you don't fancy queuing for 4 hours to charge it up.

  5. Don't bring anything you wouldn't like to lose.  Festivals are notorious places for things going missing, whether that's by accident, theft or leaving an important part of your brain in a field...

  6. Keep some spare clothes and back up items in the car (water, blankets, snacks etc) so that you can go back and get them if necessary.  Remember not to leave anything valuable on show.

  7. Find a way to make your tent stand out (bunting, spray paint, family of squirrels nestled in the tent pole, luminous balloons, etc)  and position it near a landmark so you can find it late a night or when 'slightly worse for wear' Don't put your country's flag on it unless you like looking for needles in haystacks.

  8. Bring some gaffer tape for tent/clothing/bag repairs and a rubber mallet to get your tent pegs in.  Speaking of tents, forget the pop up ones (most of them leak) and go for size bigger than you think you'll need, that way you'll be able to store your stuff too.  Don't padlock your tent as people will think something valuable is inside.

  9. Invest in a portable urinal device, they even make them for girls now and it will save you hours of queuing (and late night trips in your PJ's).  Just remember to empty it responsibly and clean your hands with wipes (see below) or antibac gel after.

  10. Wipes - Bring wipes.   The showers will be filthy and the queues will be enormous.   After 24 hours you WILL smell.  Baby wipes are OK but most are made of plastic and are too dry and small to clean an adults body. What you really need are some antibacterial (to remove body odour) and biodegradable (to avoid plastic mountains) ADULT body wipes.  You can use these in your tent to freshen up and remove body odour.   Hell, you can even use them to clean your stuff. Once used, put them in the bin.  Luckily we sell these, so you can buy them here.   Thank us later.   ENJOY!!!

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