Body Wipes for Camping


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If you're going camping or trekking in the next few weeks, you're probably busy making a list of all the things you need to take with you. Getting a bit dirty and having a few days without shaving are par for the course... but, Body Odour? yuk, who wants that? Finding an open shower block or one that's clean enough for you to be happy to use can be a struggle.  

A lot of people just take a pack of baby wipes with them to use as shower wipes. Baby Wipes are great for babies, but for Adults? Nope. Here’s why:

❌ Most body wipes are made from plastic – not ideal if you want to be environmentally friendly!

❌ Most camping wipes or baby wipes are too small for an adults’ body

❌ Regular baby/camping wipes are too dry to effectively clean off dirt, sweat and body odour

❌ You need loads of them just for one wash down

❌ Normal baby wipes don't contain anything to remove body odour!

Discover below how thousands of campers/trekkers like you are staying clean and fresh without showering even on the longest trips:

FreshWipes are the UK's first grown up alternative to baby wipes - but for adults. Our body wipes make great camping wipes because:

✅ They are made from plant fibres, so are completely biodegradable and can be buried or composted.

✅ At 30x20cm (12x8”) Our camping wipes are definitely big enough for a full body wash

✅ Soaked with cleansing agents, one camping wipe is enough for a full wash down

✅ Our camping wipes contain antibacterial agents which kill bacteria responsible for body odour.​​

✅ Our adult camping wipes can safely be used all over your body (avoid eyes) to easily remove dirt, sweat and body odour. 


If you want to experience the feeling of fresh, clean, skin for the duration of your trip, protect the environment and feel shower-fresh, order a pack of our FreshWipes Camping Wipes today!