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Welcome to FreshWipes Ltd, a UK-based company nestled in the Sussex Countryside near Eastbourne. Established in January 2020, FreshWipes originated as a sophisticated solution to traditional baby wipes.

Founded by Liz, a former medical representative specialising in delivering top-tier antiseptic solutions to hospitals, FreshWipes was conceived with a commitment to offer an effective way to reduce bacteria levels on the skin, eliminate odours, and promote a lasting feeling of freshness, particularly in situations where access to a shower may be challenging or impractical.

Our journey began with a keen observation of the growing demand for a product that addresses personal hygiene on the go. Recognising the need for an alternative to traditional bathing methods, our biodegradable body wipes quickly became the go-to choice for individuals facing difficulties in maintaining personal hygiene due to physical disabilities, mobility issues, or temporary limitations.

We take pride in the positive feedback received from a diverse customer base, including International Disabled G.B. adaptive athletes, full-time caregivers, World War II veterans, camping enthusiasts, HGV drivers, post-operative and bed-bound individuals, and many more. Their testimonials reflect the profound impact our wipes have had on their lives, serving as a true testament to the effectiveness and versatility of FreshWipes.

Our unique formula, containing antibacterial ingredients such as Chlorhexidine, efficiently targets and eliminates the bacterial and protein elements in sweat responsible for body odour. This ensures that FreshWipes™ leave you feeling as refreshed and clean as a traditional shower, even when a shower or bath isn't immediately accessible.

Originally known as SwetWipes, we underwent a rebranding in May 2021 to become FreshWipes™, aligning our name more closely with our commitment to freshness and cleanliness.

Mindful of our environmental impact, we have crafted our adult wipes with a dedication to eco-friendliness. Our wipes are 100% biodegradable and plastic-free, made from plant-based cellulose. The soft, thick, and luxurious body wipes decompose within 90-120 days when buried in soil or placed in a composter. The packaging is also environmentally conscious, constructed from recycled materials, and we use recyclable materials where possible.

Our antibacterial body wipes are renowned for their strength, moisture content, and softness, exceeding the thickness of regular body wash wipes and boasting a size close to A4 (30x20cm) for comprehensive cleansing in a single use.

Within 4 years, FreshWipes has expanded its product range to include the well-received rinse-free foaming body cleansing wash, shampoo caps, flannels, wet wipe holder bags, and intimate/feminine wipes. Our shampoo caps offer a waterless hair cleansing solution, further enhancing our commitment to convenient and efficient personal care.

As you explore our selection of body wipes, shampoo caps, rinse-free foams, and intimate wipes, we invite you to become one of over 1 million satisfied customers who have chosen FreshWipes for easy, quick, and effortless cleansing.

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Thank you for considering FreshWipes – where freshness meets convenience.

Warm regards,

Liz and the FreshWipes Team