About Us

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My name is Liz and I'm the owner and founder of FreshWipes Ltd 

We are a UK company based in the Sussex Countryside near Lewes.  I set up FreshWipes Ltd in January 2020 as a grown-up alternative to baby wipes.

As a medical rep selling antiseptic solutions to hospitals, I was responsible for helping hospitals obtain the best solutions on the market for pre-operative skin cleansing.  By removing the bacteria on the skin prior to surgery, the risk of infection post-surgery is minimised.  The reason for this is that many of the bacteria that infect wounds come from the patients own skin!  These same bacteria that naturally live on the skin are responsible for body odour too.

 I noticed that there was an increasing need for a product which would help people to reduce the bacteria levels on their skin at home, remove odour and smell fresh. Those moments in life where access to a shower was difficult or wasn't possible or practical.   Our biodegradable body wipes are perfect for personal care or if you or a loved one are struggling to shower or bath they will help you/them to feel confident, independent and fresh again, easily!

Many of our customers have physical disabilities or mobility issues that prevent them from taking showers/baths as frequently as they would like.   Feedback from these customers has been amazing to receive and they have told us that our wipes are an absolute lifesaver.  Amongst our many thousands of customers, we have International Disabled G.B. adaptive athletes, full time carers, a WW 2 war veteran, camping enthusiasts, HGV drivers, post-operative and bed bound people, elderly/disabled people and those that are waiting for a new wet-room/bathroom to be fitted along with all types of sports people.

How do our body wipes get rid of odour? Well, our formula uses antibacterial ingredients (Chlorhexidine) which quickly work to remove the bacterial and protein elements in sweat that cause body odour.  This means that our Chlorhexidine Wipes quickly and easily leave you feeling shower-fresh and squeaky clean even if you can't shower or bath for days.

Our wipes started off being called SwetWipes, but many customers didn't like the name, so in May 2021 we rebranded to FreshWipes™.

I knew our body wipes had to be kind to the environment, so when you use our adult wipes, you are using a shower wipe that is 100% biodegradable and plastic-free.  Each soft, thick and luxurious body wipe is made from plant based cellulose and each wipe begins to decompose within 30-45 days if buried in the soil, or placed in the composter.   The packet containing the wipes is also made from recycled materials and we use recyclable mailing bags too.

I believe our antibacterial body wipes are the strongest, wettest and softest body wipes on the market.  More than twice the thickness of regular body wash wipes and close in size to A4 (30x20cm) - Each wipe is big enough to cleanse your whole body in one go!

We've been trading for over 2 years now, and unlike a lot of international wet-wipe manufacturers, we don't have thousands of wipes to concentrate on.  Instead, I have put all my time and effort into formulating a single, fantastic product:  FreshWipes™ Antibacterial Body Wipes - With Odour Control.  We are bringing out further fragrances in 2022- so watch this space!

Now that you have discovered us and our Chlorhexidine Body Wipes,  I hope that you will take the plunge and be one of over 85,000 satisfied customers that have made the decision to cleanse themselves with our body wipes - easily, quickly and effortlessly.

Lastly, we love to stay in touch with our customers and regularly send out money off codes, updates on new products and fragrances and focus groups.  To hear all our news, please join our newsletter to get voucher codes, information on new products and fragrances, news and a personal update from me each week.