How can I clean myself if I can't shower?

Does Your Disability Make Showering a Struggle? Find Out How a Body Wipe Can Help.

When you’re a person with a physical disability, everyday things like having a shower can be a difficult, even impossible task. Using an adult-sized body hygiene wipe is an easier and safer way to wash independently.

Since launching SwetWipes, we've discovered that hundreds of our customers who live with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses have found our antibacterial wipes the next best thing to washing in a shower or bath. Thick, wet, soft and large SwetWipes provide an easy way to stay feeling clean and smell shower-fresh every day, particularly when access to an adaptive shower or bath isn't possible.

“This product is a godsend for wheelchair users”, Tabitha Fung, Wheely Brits CEO and Founder. 

Endorsed by a growing community of wheelchair users, we are hugely appreciative to Tabitha Fung, CEO and Founder of Wheely Brits for championing SwetWipes as a helpful product for people with disabilities. 

Sold in a compact packet (made entirely from recycled materials) weighing the same as your average purse or wallet - 367grams to be precise - SwetWipes are small and light enough to transport in a bag whilst you’re out and about. This is why we often call SwetWipes ‘The shower in a bag’. Each wipe unfolds to roughly A4-size and is usually large enough to wipe your entire whole body in one go (just ensure you avoid the head and face to avoid irritation to your eyes).

Fragranced with a light coconut scent, SwetWipes contains Chlorhexidine, a gentle yet powerful antibacterial ingredient proven to work effectively to remove body odours and smells (unlike deodorants which simply mask over odour and smells, and can often make them even worse).

Kind to the environment too, SwetWipes Body Wipes are made from plant-based cellulose fibres, which means they are 100% biodegradable. In just 30-45 days they will start to decompose when composted. Our products are then safety tested in the UK and adhere to all UK cosmetic regulations.

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