Struggling to Shower? You're not alone....

If you have a disability or illness which makes it difficult for you to mobilise, you may have tried various ways to independently care for yourself so that you don’t have to rely on others so much. 

Personal care is one of the areas in which many of our customers tell us that they like to remain independent to guarantee privacy and maintain dignity.   However, if you’re struggling to get to the bathroom or shower, or are worried about slipping and falling then you may be worried about how to stay clean and fresh and remove body odour.

If you have been struggling in this area, you’ve probably tried many different ways to wash yourself including sink washes, carrying around pots of water and flannels or using baby wipes.  There’s nothing wrong with these solutions, but it can be tiresome to balance at a sink and use a flannel to wash, as well as the problem of keeping a large supply of freshly washed flannels on hand.  If you have arthritis or other joint problems in your hands, it can be hard work to wring out flannels and remove all soap lather afterwards.   With baby wipes or bed-bath wipes, many of our customers tell us that they have tried all sorts of brands.  Many are far too small, dry and thin to clean an adults’ body effectively and they often end up tearing or breaking.   Our customers tell us that due to the small size, they end up using over 10 wipes and they never really felt clean afterwards.   The other problem with normal wet wipes is that they don’t contain anything to remove the bacteria that cause body odour.   Body odour is caused by bacteria which are naturally present on the skin multiplying and releasing a pungent smell.


Our FreshWipes body wipes are different.  Sold in packs of 12 extra-large and biodegradable wipes, (12x8”) they are both wet enough and thick enough to ensure that one wipe gives a full body clean.  Simply take one antibacterial and coconut scented  shower wipe out of the packet, and use to clean your body starting with the cleanest areas first and working your way down to the dirtiest or grubbiest areas last.  Our body wipes are fully biodegradable, but must NOT be flushed, (they are too big and thick) so please dispose of carefully in the bin or composter.  You can safely use our wipes on your whole body (avoid the eyes).

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