The Power of FreshWipes Body Wipes: Your Ultimate Guide to Freshness and Convenience


 Welcome to our informative blog post on the incredible benefits of FreshWipes Body Wipes! If you're looking for an easy and effective way to stay fresh and clean without the need for a shower, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore the key features and advantages of using FreshWipes Body Wipes over traditional alternatives like baby wipes. We'll also delve into the remarkable residual effect of FreshWipes, which helps neutralise the bacteria that cause body odour even after you've finished wiping. Let's dive in!

Key Features and Benefits of FreshWipes Body Wipes.

  FreshWipes Body Wipes are specially formulated to offer a host of advantages for adults seeking a convenient cleansing solution. You probably already know that they are biodegradable and plastic free, but did you know why they are antibacterial?  Here are some key features that make them stand out:

  1. Superior Cleaning Power: FreshWipes Body Wipes contain the powerful but gentle (think: Superman!) antimicrobial agent Chlorhexidine, known for its effectiveness in killing a wide range of bacteria. Unlike regular wipes, FreshWipes Body Wipes provide an antibacterial effect ensuring a thorough cleansing experience.

  2. Residual Effect: One of the most remarkable benefits of FreshWipes Body Wipes is their residual/long-lasting effect. Even after wiping, the Chlorhexidine in FreshWipes continues to work, providing ongoing protection against odour-causing bacteria. This means you can feel confident and fresh long after use.

  3. Odour Control: FreshWipes Body Wipes' residual effect extends to combating the bacteria responsible for unpleasant body odour. By neutralising these bacteria, FreshWipes help you stay fresh and confident throughout the day.

  4. Versatility: FreshWipes Body Wipes are suitable for various applications, they can be used  as adult wipes, fresh wipes, shower wipes, disabled wipes, wipes for HGV drivers, body wipes no shower, and bed bath wipes. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for travel, camping, disabled, elderly, post-workout routines, hospital stays, and everyday hygiene use.

FreshWipes Body Wipes vs. Baby Wipes: Why Choose FreshWipes?

While baby wipes are commonly used for quick clean-ups, FreshWipes Body Wipes offer unique advantages for adult users. Here's why you should consider FreshWipes over baby wipes:

  1. Enhanced Disinfection: FreshWipes Body Wipes, infused with Chlorhexidine, contain a higher concentration of antimicrobial agents than baby wipes, making them more effective at killing bacteria. This feature is particularly valuable for adults who require a higher level of cleanliness due to various factors such as medical conditions, physical activities, or simply personal preference.

  2. Residual Effect for Long-Lasting Freshness: Unlike baby wipes, FreshWipes Body Wipes harness the residual effect of Chlorhexidine. Even after use, FreshWipes continue to work, neutralising bacteria and preventing their regrowth. This residual protection ensures long-lasting freshness and confidence throughout the day.

  3. Targeted Odour Control: FreshWipes Body Wipes specifically target the bacteria that cause body odour. By addressing the root cause of unpleasant smells, these wipes provide a superior level of odour control compared to baby wipes, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

Harnessing the Residual Power of FreshWipes

The residual effect of FreshWipes Body Wipes is truly remarkable. Even after you've finished wiping, the Chlorhexidine in FreshWipes continues to work, neutralising bacteria and preventing their regrowth. This residual protection means you can confidently go about your day, knowing that you're shielded from the bacteria that cause body odour. It's like having a powerful ally in the fight against body-odour.


  • Going to try your wipes

    Kathleen James
  • I use wet wipes and I do like them but I prefer to buy one at a time.I don’t want to bulk buy

    Joan Ryan
  • Used them for the last two years were away on holiday in our Caravan I would say that would never go any place its out them in my bag 💯 💯 💯
    Two 75 years old still llove going in our Caravan Even some time with out home comforts

    Lydia robertson
  • just love your wipes,especially as my husband has dementia and hard work to shower him,so these are a godsend thankyou xx

    jackie rawlings
  • Your wipes are excellent but how efficient are your shampoo hats an honest assessment please.
    I have worn out shoulders which makes hair shampooing difficult

    Janet zFreeman

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