Top Ten 'Must Have' Items for Disabled People

There are many products available which could help disabled people to live more independently. In this post, I have listed 10 items which I believe could help make life easier for disabled people or those with limited mobility.

  1. Glassouse

The glassouse is a hand​​​​​​​s-free device that is used to control the mouse on computers and smartphones. It works on any Bluetooth enabled device and is very easy to use. You just need to connect it to Bluetooth and away you go. The mouse is controlled using your head movements, and you can click by biting on a bite switch. It’s great for people who are unable to use a regular mouse. Check out a review of the glassouse that I wrote on my blog.

  1. Phone holder

This phone holder is a great solution for people who are unable to hold their phone or find it tiring. The gizmo goes around the back of your neck and rests on your shoulders, holding the phone in front of you. The arms can be adjusted to change the angle to whatever is best for you. It is excellent for me because I don’t have to bend my head down to look at my phone like I do if it was resting on the table.

  1. Hydrant drinking bottle

The hydrant is a great way to help yourself stay hydrated independently throughout the day. It is a 1 L bottle which can hang on the back of the wheelchair or whatever. It has a long plastic tube with a silicon valve on the end which you can bite to drink from. The tube clips onto your clothes so that it stays in a convenient position. With this, I can drink whenever I want throughout the day without having to ask anybody for help.

  1. H and S bamboo bookstand

This is a great little bookstand which is capable of holding big and small books. It has 2 metal arms on the front which can rotate to hold pages down. This is great if, like me, you are unable to hold books yourself. Previously I had a bigger bookstand which ended up breaking, but this one seems to be more sturdy and robust.

  1. Mouth Stylus

If you have any touchscreen gadgets like an iPad but are unable to use your hands, then this mouth stylus could be an ideal solution. It is a metal pole with a plastic mouthpiece on one end. You hold the plastic bit in your mouth and you can use the stylus to touch the screen just by moving your head.

  1. Grabber/reacher

If you drop things on the floor, it can be a pain having to bend over to pick them up. This is especially true for a wheelchair user. But have no fear because this grabber will make it easier to pick things off the floor and reach objects from high shelves. It not only will give you more independence but might also help save your back from bending over. When not in use the grabber can be folded up, so it’s easier to store.

  1. Sock helper

The sock helper can help you to put on socks without bending at the waist. You just have to put your sock over the end of it, put it on the floor, and then slide your foot into it. It’s another way to increase your independence and save yourself from bending over.

  1. ASEOK shower body brush

This body brush has a long handle which makes it easier to wash your back or any other hard to reach areas. There are also 2 heads on the brush, bristles and a loofah. This means you can wash or scrub yourself using just one hand. No need to swap to separate brushes or loofahs when this brush combines them.

  1. Fast fit waterproof trousers

These waterproof trousers are designed to be put on whilst seated in a wheelchair. They only need to be placed on the front of the legs and tucked underneath so they can be fitted quite quickly. If you like being in the outdoors, you have to contend with the weather but these trousers will help keep you dry whatever the weather. They also look just like normal waterproof trousers which is another bonus.

  1. SwetWipes

SwetWipes are adult-sized, antibacterial and biodegradable Body Wipes which can be used as an alternative to a shower. They are great for people who are unable to shower or bath, lack the energy or who don’t have time to. I wrote a full review of the SwetWipes on my blog, which give my thoughts on them. Check it out!


I hope that some of the above items will be useful to you and help to improve your life in some way. If you know of any other must have products for disabled people or useful things that I have missed, then please let me know in the comments.

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This blog post has been kindly guest written by Alex Squire of the Life Quadriplegic.  


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