What is a Body Wipe?

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A body wipe or sometimes called a shower wipe, is a large adult wet wipe designed to clean dirt, sweat and body odour off an adult’s body (rather than a baby’s)


As adults have a much larger skin surface than a baby, one of the considerations you need to think about is the size and wetness of a wipe.   A traditional baby wipe normally measures around 19x16cm and will only (just about) cover a small adult’s palm.  Baby wipes also tend to be very thin and tear easily (that’s why they are so cheap to buy).  In contrast, when you are shopping for a body wipe or shower wipe for an adult, you need to make sure the adult wipe is thick enough and wet enough to ensure that it holds enough moisture.


If the wipe is not wet enough, you will find that you will only be able to clean a small amount of skin, before you need to take another wipe out of the packet.   Our customers have told us that when they have used baby wipes previously, they often had to use up to 10 wipes to fully clean themselves.  Although baby wipes are very cheap at £1 for around 50 wipes, at 10 wipes a go it soon adds up!


Another problem that adults must contend with (which babies don’t) is that we produce body odour.   Body odour is caused by the multiplication of millions of bacterial that live on the skin particularly in places such as the armpit, feet, in skin folds and the groin.  Normal showering or bathing with hot water and soap will reduce the bacteria on the skin to a low level, but they soon build up again to a point where you can smell them.  That’s why adults are encouraged to shower or bath at least once a day.   If you’re using baby wipes to control body odour, you will have a very hard time.  Baby wipes do not contain anything to kill or remove the bacteria that cause odour and will simply spread the bacteria across your skin. 


So how do you control these smelly bacteria if you are struggling to shower or bath each day?  Perhaps you are disabled, have mobility problems or are worried about slipping or falling in the shower or bath.  Or you may be a long-distance lorry driver/HGV driver or outdoor pursuit enthusiast, who is finding it hard to find shower facilities.   We all have a human need to keep ourselves clean and fresh and it can affect our self-confidence when we are unable to.


FreshWipes Body Wipes are one of the only Body Wipes or Shower Wipes on the market that enable to you clean yourself effectively, remove body odour easily (thanks to their antibacterial agents) and cleanse your body of dirt and sweat. At 30x20 cm (or 12x8”) they are definitely large enough for an adult to use.  Their super-wet formulation means you only need to use one or two wipes for a full bed bath or body wash.  In addition to these qualities, our wipes are made from cellulose plant fibres and are completely biodegradable.  Many people don't realise that most normal wipes are made from plastic and can take up to 100 years to decompose, whereas our biodegradable shower wipes break down completely within 90-120 days if buried or composted.


If you’ve never used a Body Wipe or Shower Wipe before, why don’t you give us a try?   Place an order for one pack and see why our customers come back time and time again.   We offer free shipping and a money back guarantee.  If you don’t like them for any reason, simply e mail us using our contact page and let us know why.  We will refund you without quibble. 



  • Have used all the wipes from various outlets, keep coming back for more, these wipes are the best I’ve found so far, and I’ll be trying the shampoo caps very soon. Thank you Freshwipes.

    Tina Coupé
  • My skin is very sensitive to perfume, which pack would you recommend I try?


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