What is a Shampoo Cap?

Shampoo Cap
A shampoo cap is a single use healthcare/beauty product that looks like a shower cap, but instead 'washes'  your hair without water.   The rinse free shampoo cap contains a cleansing and nourishing liquid which is enclosed within the cap, and once placed on your head, cleans your hair, removes odour and dead skin.   They can be used warm (microwave them first) or cold, straight out of the pack.  To use, simply place over your head/hair, tuck all your hair within the cap and start to massage your hair through the cap for 3 minutes.   Once you have done this, remove and discard the cap in the bin , comb through and towel dry or leave to dry naturally (or use the hairdryer).  There is no need to rinse afterwards which makes these caps perfect for elderly, disabled, mobility impaired or post operative patients.    
Although we are best known for our body wipes, FreshWipes Shampoo caps are the latest addition to our range and the feedback has been excellent.  If you have been finding it a struggle to wash your hair (or that of a loved-one), then why not give these a go?

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