An Open Letter to My Customers...

Dear Customer,

If you're bed-bound, have limited mobility, or just struggle showering or bathing as often as you'd like,  then this message is just for you.  Here's why...

If you've been struggling to shower or bath as frequently as you would like, you've probably tried all sorts of ways to stay fresh and clean. Many of my customers were previous users of baby wipes or would try and struggle with bowls of water and flannels.

They got tired of this though, because baby wipes don't effectively clean an adults body (they are too dry, too small and too thin) and you need to use LOADS of them to clean yourself with. Flannels are great but then you have to stand at the sink or carry around bowls of warm water. Not to mention all the extra laundry from the flannels and the soaked bedclothes!

Trouble is, without doing anything, the bacteria on your skin multiply and cause body-odour. There's over a million microbes on one square CM of skin, so just imagine how many there are in a typical armpit!!

The best way to prevent body odour is to have a hot shower or bath, but if you can't do this when you want to, you soon start to smell less than fragrant!

I came up with the idea for FreshWipes Body Wipes whilst working as a medical rep. Part of my role was to help surgeons and staff in hospitals obtain the best and most effective antiseptic skin cleanser (Chlorhexidine) used on patients prior to surgery. I learnt that keeping the bacteria on your skin down to minimal levels is not only great prior to surgery, (because it stops infection) but it removes the bacteria that cause odour too! This leaves you feeling fresher, cleaner and more confident. So I set about creating FreshWipes; an adult antibacterial & biodegradable body wipe that could be used at home whenever you can't shower or bath.

We believe our wipes are the thickest, strongest and wettest adult body wipes on the market (with the nicest fragrance)!

Don't just take my word for it through! Here's what Faye said about us recently on TrustPilot:

Fantastic product

"Fantastic product. I suffer from back problems and fibromyalgia and these allow me to feel clean and fresh on those days taking a shower isn't possible. The fact that they are biodegradable is a big plus. Looking forward to future products!"

Or KazzyB who wrote this:

Fantastic product & very highly recommended product & company

I have been using swetwipes/freshwipes now for several months. Like many people I was weary thinking they were just expensive wet wipes but I have never been more pleased to admit I was wrong, 100% wrong. These wipes are so lovely & thick, they are soft & wet without being dripping wet. The moisture stays long enough that you can freshen your entire body with 1 wipe if you use it in a certain me I have tried as determined to get the most out them 😅
These wipes have been a real lifesaver , being disabled & having to have someone at home while I shower due to falling these wipes have become my best friend when wanting to feel clean & fresh but home alone. My husband has also pinched them when he has been poorly & now my son has taken them to keep in his locker at work as due to the nature of his job they often deal with some messy situations.
Swetwipes/freshwipes really have become a household favourite in our home, they are now being spread to the inlaws to due to forthcoming hospital stays.
Personally I prefer the coconut scent but my husband prefers the grapefruit.

I'm sure you have thought well I could get 60 wipes for a pound so why would I buy Swetwipes/freshwipes? Simply because those 60 for a pound wipes don't even come close to Swetwipes/freshwipes, there really is no comparison to the thickness,the size, the scent, the moisture & of the the fact that Swetwipes/freshwipes are completely biodegradable. So not only are they a better size & nicer scents they are also better for our planet.

What I'm offering you today, is a chance to see how shower-fresh, clean and confident YOU could feel by trying our wipes. Imagine being able to socialise, shop, hug family and live without worrying about stale odour, freshness or visible dirt.

Why not give us a go?

I want to take all the stress out of purchasing, so here's my 100% no-nonsense cast iron, 365 day guarantee.  

"If you buy our biodegradable body wipes and are not absolutely delighted with them, then you can return them for a full refund (even if you've opened them!) If you don't find them to be thicker, wetter and stronger than other wipes you've tried, we just couldn't keep your money!  Simply get in contact with us and we will refund you in full"

I hope you will join me and my other 85,000 customers in seeing just how good you can feel with FreshWipes Body Wipes.

All the best, Liz x