caring for an elderly relative

If you are looking after a loved one or elderly/disabled person, then you'll know just how rewarding it can be.  However, it's not without its challenges and both of you may be afraid to voice these.   Often the person who is being cared for will be ashamed or embarrassed at not being able to undertake the daily tasks that they were once capable of doing.  In addition, they may struggle with the loss of dignity involved in having someone else clean them.   You may have some difficulty with the physical exertion of moving them, then physically washing them down and rinsing them.

If you've previously used baby wipes or bed-bath wipes you'll have noticed that they are often very small, thin & sticky and don't do a great job at removing body odour.

Don't worry, we have the ideal solution to all of these concerns.   A packet of our body wipes/shower wipes can allow the person being cared for to clean their most personal areas in private (if they are able to) from the comfort of their bed or chair.  Leaving you to focus on the areas they can't reach.   No more struggling with pots of water, flannels and rinsing them afterwards.

Our body wipes are:

✅ 12 x 8" (30x20cm) and are extra large, thick and wet

✅ Made from plant fibres and can be composted as they biodegrade

✅ Antibacterial to gently remove body odour

✅ Pleasantly scented with a light, fresh, unisex, natural coconut, unscented or grapefruit scent

✅ Plastic free, Vegan friendly and not tested on animals

✅ Alcohol free and hypoallergenic 

✅ Suitable for use all over the body (excluding face/eyes)  - please patch test    first before using on intimate areas

Why not give them a try and see the difference for yourself?  At only £5.99 and with FREE delivery, you can find out why we have thousands of raving fans:

If you've been struggling to wash your loved-one's hair whilst they are in bed, then give our shampoo caps a go.  A shampoo cap is the best way to wash hair without water, rinsing or shampoo.  Simply place the shampoo cap on the head, tuck in the hair and massage through the cap for 3 mins.  The liquid contained within the shampoo cap will 'wash' and condition the hair without any rinsing required. It couldn't be easier!