Duke of Edinburgh's Award

4 Young People standing on a hill/mountain

Are you a young person embarking on the DofE adventure?  If so, you'll probably be setting yourself some pretty rigorous challenges over the next few months.  Whether it's hiking in the wilderness or planning a trek/camping expedition, you'll be excited to create personal challenges that will have far-reaching benefits.

Planning your kit list shouldn't be one of these challenges.  Here at FreshWipes, we understand that being at one with the outdoors shouldn't mean you have to forego basic personal-hygiene.  Especially when you are travelling in a group! Staying shower-fresh even when you can't find running water, means you can feel confident no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Our biodegradable adult shower wipes are the answer.  Our body wipes have been formulated with a gentle antibacterial solution which gently neutralises the bacteria that cause body odour.  Safe for all-over use (avoid eyes) they will leave you feeling shower fresh and totally body-confident.   Once used, simply bury or place our plant-based viscose wipes in the bin and our plastic-free body wipes will break down gently within 90-120 days.

So why can't you simply use baby wipes or other much cheaper wipes?

❌ Most other wipes are made from plastic – not ideal if you want to be environmentally friendly!

❌ Most shower wipes or baby wipes are too small for an adults’ body

❌ Regular baby wipes are too dry to effectively clean off dirt, sweat and body odour

❌ You need loads of them just for one wash down

❌ Normal baby wipes don't contain anything to remove body odour!

FreshWipes are the UK's first grown up alternative to baby wipes - but for adults. Our body wipes or shower wipes are ideal for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award because:

✅ They are made from plant fibres, so are completely biodegradable and can be buried or composted.

✅ At 30x20cm (12x8”) Our adult shower wipes are definitely big enough for a full body wash

✅ Soaked with cleansing agents, one large body wipe is enough for a full wash down

✅ Our adult wet wipes contain antibacterial agents which kill bacteria responsible for body odour.​​

✅ Our biodegradable body wipes can safely be used all over your body (avoid eyes) to easily remove dirt, sweat and body odour. 


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