Post Workout Wipes

When fitness and exercise is a central part of your life, you often look for ways to squeeze it in between other activities to maximise your free time.  Whether that's a lunchtime yoga class, a sweaty bike ride to work or simply an exercise class before you go out for the evening.   Obviously, it's great if you can get to have a hot shower after, but what if showers are not available or you simply don't have the time?

Our FreshWipes Body Wipes are the answer to your problems.  Each 30x20cm body wipe is packed full of moisture along with antibacterial agents that neutralise body odour.  A single shower wipe will fully cleanse you and leave you feeling shower fresh.

Currently using baby wipes?  Here's how we are different...

❌ Most body wipes are made from plastic – not ideal if you want to be environmentally friendly!

❌ Most sports wipes or baby wipes are too small for an adults’ body.

❌ Regular baby/adult wipes are too dry to effectively clean off dirt, sweat and body odour.

❌ You need loads of ordinary wash wipes to get you feeling clean and fresh.

❌ Normal baby wipes don't contain anything to remove body odour!

Discover below how thousands of sports-lovers like you are staying clean and fresh without showering even after the longest sessions.

FreshWipes are the UK's first grown up alternative to baby wipes - but for adults. Our body wipes make great post-workout wipes because:

✅ They are made from plant fibres, so are completely biodegradable and can be buried, binned or composted (please DO NOT flush)

✅ At 30x20cm (12x8”) Our sporty shower wipes are definitely big enough for a full body wash.

✅ Soaked with cleansing agents, one of our post workout wipes is enough for a full wash down.

✅ Our body wipes contain antibacterial agents which kill bacteria responsible for body odour.​​

✅ Our adult sport wipes can safely be used all over your body (avoid eyes) to easily remove dirt, sweat and body odour.