Post Operation Body Cleansing Wipes

Have you just had (or are about to undergo) an operation?  If so, you may be wondering how you will keep your body free from dirt and odour afterwards if you've been told that you can't shower or bath to avoid getting the area wet.   In some cases it can be weeks of prolonged recovery without the prospect of a bath!

It can be quite a worry, especially if you are someone that bathes regularly to avoid body-odour.  Many normal wipes do nothing to eliminate nasty odours and will never leave you feeling fresh.  

If this is you,  our extra-large post operative body wipes will gently cleanse your skin, remove bacteria and leave you feeling fresh and clean without needing to get your operative area wet!   They've been designed with just the right amount of moisture to clean an adults' body quickly and easily.

Simply take one body wipe from the packet and use to clean your body starting on the cleanest areas first and working your way towards the most dirty.   Please do not use our wipes on the wound area unless given express consent by your physician. 

Our post operative wipes will allow you to feel fresh and clean for the entire period that you are bed-bound!  You can give yourself a bed-bath quickly, easily, independently and without fuss - or without losing your dignity.

Simply keep a pack of our antibacterial and biodegradable body wipes in your drawer or cupboard and use them whenever you need to freshen up.  The antibacterial agents will quickly get to work to remove body odour and the fresh clean scent will leave you feeling like you HAVE showered, all from the comfort of your bed or chair.  The antibacterial agents in our post operative shower wipes are the same as those used in hospitals (Chlorhexidine), so you can be sure that you will get a thorough body cleanse, alongside feeling fresh.

Why not give them a go today and add our biodegradable body wipes to your cart now?