Shower Wipes for HGV/CV Drivers

Are you still using Baby Wipes to clean yourself? 


As a truck driver, you know that it’s impossible to shower sometimes.  And when you're on the road a bit longer than the effect of your last shower... things tend to get a bit sticky.

We've now got hundreds of Truckers using our wipes thanks to the power of social thank you to everyone that has shared and talked about us.  You've probably seen the photos of Dave or Richard with their trucks on Facebook holding our wipes.

Maybe you're like @hiab_Princess above on TikTok or @TrucklifeGB who have recently started using FreshWipes and posting about us.

You see, being able to take a clean shower wherever, & whenever you want. It makes you feel confident.

If you're sick of  dirty showers or facilities, or the fact that most good truck stops are busy.  Then we can help...

FreshWipes Will Make You Stop Worrying About Shower Facilities

They’re 3 x Larger Than Normal Wet Wipes!

(and a lot thicker and wetter too) 


Isn't it great to be able to have a good wash down on the spot without being late for your next delivery?

That's exactly what FreshWipes Body Wipes are all about, they're:


Large & extra thick: Designed with an adult tramper in mind.
Antibacterial: That means you're not only wiping away sweat; you're also cleansing your body of bacteria and bad odours.
Skin Friendly: They boast an alcohol/paraben-free formula and are pH balanced so they won't irritate your skin.
Biodegradable: FreshWipes Body Wipes are made from plant fibres and degrade within 90-120 days
Available in Coconut, Fresh Grapefruit or Unscented: Not only do they get you squeaky clean, but they also give you a nice fresh just-showered feeling



Keep A Few Packs Around For Rainy Days

Although we're talking about rainy days, FreshWipes don't require water to work. In fact, all you need for a full body cleanse is a couple of FreshWipes. That's because:
✅ FreshWipes contain no acids or chemicals that leave your body sticky and are completely rinse-free
    ✅ FreshWipes have a generous size of 30x20cm (12x8") and enough moisture to clean your entire body.
      ✅ Each pack of FreshWipes contains 12 extra-large body wipes to get you through an entire week.
      ✅ No need to keep aftershave, shower gel or bottles of water on hand as FreshWipes are already infused with lovely fragrances and are already wet.


      Hear What Some Of Our Fellow HGV Drivers Are Saying:


      “These things are a lifesaver. I'm a C.V driver, so when I take those long-distance jobs, I tend to get a bit stressed and it makes me sweat like a pig. So, partly because I don't have time to shower and partly because I'm lazy, I find FreshWipes extremely handy.” Nathan Vaughan


      “Don't let anyone tell you they’re not for women. My skin tends to get dry and sensitive when I'm on the road - these things keep me clean, moisturised, and best of all, they smell amazing.” Mollie Simmons


      “Great find. I used to take quick showers with a wet towel and liquid soap, but it always left my skin feeling sticky and uncomfortable. These wipes are like baby wipes, but much larger. This is not my first purchase. I now always keep a few on hand.”  Andrew Brooks


      Grab Yours Now

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      If you want to join thousands of our other customers in the pursuit of clean, fresh, skin and want to enjoy the confidence of smelling great, then click on the link below to buy our body wipes now!  Don't forget we also offer shampoo caps, the waterless way to wash your hair, with no rinsing required.  They really are the shampoo in a cap.