Shower Wipes for HGV/Long Distance Lorry Drivers

HELP!  I can't find anywhere to shower....

Are you an HGV driver (like Richard, pictured above)  that has been struggling to find clean, well-kept washing facilities recently? Due to recent COVID measures, you may have found that your normal stop-off washrooms have been closed. If you're regularly away on long-distance jobs, you want to have somewhere to wash with good, clean well managed facilities.   Many of our customers tell us that the facilities that ARE open, are dirty, smelly and off-putting. 

The problem is, everyone needs to shower or bath regularly to freshen up and without doing that you feel grubby, dirty and smelly.

Body odour is normally kept in check by frequent showering or washing, so it’s understandable that after a few days of driving without access to your normal shower facilities you would soon find that you are smelling less than fragrant!

But without the ability to be able to regularly shower or bath, bacteria quickly builds up on your skin and causes an unpleasant odour. Worrying about this can affect how you feel both mentally and physically. After all, if you don't feel clean, you don't feel confident to get close to people or interact. You want to maintain your levels of hygiene both for your own peace of mind and because you are representing your company. Not only that, but if you’re returning to your partner after a long trip away, the last thing you want to do is turn up smelling like a five day old bin bag!

If you've been trying to stay clean using wet wipes or baby wipes, you've probably found that they are much too small for an adult's body, they are too thin, slippery and tear easily. Not only that, but they are USELESS at removing body odour. All they do is spread the bacteria/odour all over the rest of your body leaving you in a worse state than when you started.

If this is you, discover below how hundreds of Long-distance drivers like you, have found the solution to this problem which doesn’t involve flasks of water, baby wipes, sink washes, or smelling like a sewer rat!

FreshWipes make ADULT body wipes / Shower Wipes for removing Body Odour


🚛 Each shower wipe is 30x20cm (12x8”) – so definitely large enough to clean an adult

🚛 Each Body Wipe is big, thick, strong and wet enough to clean your body from head to toe

🚛 We have soaked each shower wipe in antibacterial agents to kill the bacteria on your body that cause odour

🚛 Each pack contains 12 extra large body wipes – so more than enough for a week away!

🚛 Our body wipes are made from plant fibres and are fully biodegradable, simply bury them if you can’t find a bin. (Please DO NOT flush, as they are too big and thick and will block the pipes)

🚛 Our shower wipes have a pleasant light coconut fragrance which is not overpowering

🚛 Our body cleansing wipes can safely be used all over your body (avoid the eyes)


If you're wondering how we are different to baby wipes, then the video below may help you make up your mind: 



If you want to join thousands of our other customers in the pursuit of clean, fresh, skin and want to enjoy the confidence of smelling great, then click on the link below to buy our body wipes now!