Are You Struggling to Shower?



FreshWipes Ltd was founded by Liz Barnes who genuinely wants to help people clean themselves independently.  

One of the biggest problems our customers tell us, is that they find it very difficult to shower or bath alone and that they are worried about slipping and falling.  For them, it wasn't easy to stand at the sink and they simply didn't have the energy to carry pots of water and flannels around.

They were tired of living like this and were worried about body odour.  So we created our extra large, antibacterial, biodegradable and super-wet body wipes for them.  

Read on to discover:

  • How you or your loved one, can stay fresh & clean, eliminate body odour and feel like you HAVE showered, without even stepping foot in the bathroom.
  • How you can quickly and easily clean your body without any help, and from the comfort of your own room, chair or bed.
  • That you don't need to stand at the sink or carry pans of water around any more
  • Why you don't need to worry about slipping in the bath or falling in the shower any longer

We supply antibacterial body wipes for adults and a rinse free shampoo cap. If you're finding it difficult to shower or bath, you've probably tried lots of ways to stay clean and fresh. 

If you've used other body wipes previously, you may have found that, for adults, they are too dry, too thin, small and slippery, they tear easily, you require too many to do the job and they never really leave you feeling totally clean.  But without bathing or showering regularly, the bacteria on skin multiplies causing body odour.  Wiping yourself down with a baby wipe won't remove this bacteria, they just simply spread it all over your body.   So how do you stay fresh and clean?

Our body wipes are different. They are luxurious, super-sized, rinse-free, full body wipes for adults.  Made from plant fibres, they are also kind to the environment & biodegradable too.  They are soaked with gentle antibacterial agents, which are proven to remove the odour-causing bacteria.  With their gentle, pH balanced formula they are kind to skin and leave you feeling fresh, clean and moisturised - FAST!.


There are lots of ordinary bed bath wipes around, but our body wipes are specifically for adults and are therefore different.  Here's how:


✅ 12 x extra large, (12x8") Chlorhexidine Wipes per pack

✅ Extra soft, thick, luxurious Body Wipes for adults safe for use all over your body (avoid eyes)

✅ Biodegradable to protect the environment

✅ Our Body Wipes are guaranteed to remove the bacteria that cause body-odour

✅ Pleasant, unisex Body Wipes with a light coconut scent for that 'Just Showered' feeling

✅ Plastic free, extra thick wipes, a fast, easy, solution to staying shower fresh, no matter what your circumstances

Imagine this:

⭐️ You can wake up in the morning and clean yourself discreetly without fear of falling or without taking up any of your precious energy - saving if for the things that matter allowing you to get on with your day.

⭐️ You can hug your loved ones again (without worrying that you smell)

⭐️ You don't have to suffer the indignity of exposing yourself during a bed bath

⭐️ You can have the confidence that you look AND smell great

​​​Still not convinced?, we know that making the decision to purchase a new product can be hard.  How do you know it will work and will it be value for money?  We know that we are more expensive than baby wipes.  However, our wipes are much bigger, wetter and thicker than those you have used before and are plastic free and completely biodegradable.  You will only need one of two to clean your WHOLE body compared to the handful of baby wipes you would have previously used.  Our body wipes have been made for adults, to clean an adult's body (not a baby), remove odour and leave you feeling like you've just stepped out of the shower!  Imagine how confident you will feel, knowing that you're clean, with no lingering odours.  If you're struggling to wash your hair, then why not try a shampoo cap?


Don't just take our word for it, our customers have left us the following reviews


To date, we've sold over 250,000 packs of our wipes and over 50,000 shampoo caps and have excellent reviews on our website,  Google, TrustPilot and Facebook.    Our body wipes are easy to use, will give you fast results and will help you feel clean & confident, even if you can't shower for days!  Why not give our body wipes and shampoo caps a try?  We offer FREE shipping and a money back guarantee.